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Prolonged use of a computer can cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Our range of wrist rest enable the user to position their wrists in a neutral position to reduce the risk or symptoms.

Puk Wrist Support (Green Only)
£9.95 Ex VAT
Part No. 82204
Goldtouch Gel Filled Wrist Rests Pair
£25.00 Ex VAT
Part No. 8019
Wrist and Arm Support (WASP) - Single
£29.00 Ex VAT
Part No. 31689
Wrist and Arm Support (WASP) - Pair
£49.00 Ex VAT
Part No. 8395
Handy Forearm Keyboard & Mouse Support in Black
£70.00 Ex VAT
Part No. 83948