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The use of a document holder enables the user to read any papers without any unnecessary bending. Document holders ensure that the user can keep a good posture whilst working at their workstation.

Book Holder for Clear Slope and Clear Copy
£15.00 Ex VAT
Part No. 96710
UTURN Document and Book Holder For A4
£30.00 Ex VAT
Part No. 92237
Clear Copy A3 Adjustable Copy Holder
£49.99 Ex VAT
Part No. 96702
FlexDoc Adjustable Document Holder
£51.00 Ex VAT
Part No. 31639
Copywriter Document Holder and Writing Slope
£59.99 Ex VAT
Part No. 10622
Smart Slope By Ergonomic Cafe
£59.99 Ex VAT
Part No. 94540